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"Creating unique, quality products from an investment of emotions..."

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Our Story

We know how hard it is to find a painting company you can trust. Some companies will promise the world and under deliver when the job is finished. Some companies will blind side you with added costs. You may be left frustrated with the final product, wondering what you paid for in the first place.

The fine art of customer service and empathy has been thrown aside.

Divine Painting Services has seen the good and bad in the painting industry. Some of it is appalling to our own eyes. We knew we could offer clients a better service and end product than what is considered ‘industry standard’.

You have invested your hard earned money, it’s time we respected that.

When you hire a painting company, you don’t want to be left with feelings of regret, doubt or confusion. You deserve quality service and end results that leave a smile on your face. Making you feel like you made the right decision to hire Divine Painting Services.

The best way you can make a confident decision is to be educated and ask the right questions before you hire a painting company.

Our Mission

To give our clients the best painting service experience they have ever had.

Our Vision

Create a new set of painting standards and level of customer service in our industry that becomes normal practice for every painting company across Canada.

Our Values

These are values we take seriously and abide by in our personal lives as well within our business.





Featured Projects